Do better business, faster

Through collaboration, we believe we will be able to accelerate our advancement of the industry, ultimately helping our customers do better business, faster.

Find the right customers

Pinpoint the Customers you want based on risk profile and opportunity - use insights to get them talking about the things which are important to them

Onboard faster

Frictionless straight through onboarding with robust compliance and audit

Keep your customers for life

Real-time insights and continuous in-life monitoring to identify risks and opportunities and assist with customer remediation




Relationship professionals served every day


Experience in
data intelligence


data points
processed daily


API calls a

More Efficiency

This merger allows our clients to do better business, faster. With a suite of powerful applications, Artesian:Duedil are able to find the RIGHT customers, onboard FASTER, and keep them FOR LIFE.

More Options

Powerful automation tools you control mean you can realise value in days not months. From an easily configurable (low code / no code) rules engine and web-based applications to APIs into your existing systems, you can combine millions of data variables faster than any human can to spot risks and create opportunities.

Forward Advantage

Receive insights and actionable engagement signals about every current and future customer relationship sourced through billions of data point combinations derived from millions of sources and matched to thousands of triggers to find that golden nugget you seek.
Know first, act fast and always have the forward advantage.

What you get

Improved Customer Experience

Integrate premium APIs to drive up sales and customer satisfaction, skyrocketing sales in a matter of days!

Data Enriched

We now deliver millions of data points, allowing for UBO checks, AML monitoring, PEPs & Sanctions checks, and so much more.

Ultimate Decision Making

Enjoy customised decision-making engines to end time-wasting, error-prone manual processes and checks. Move faster while lowering risk!


Surface insights from the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ to power solutions for your customers.


Why are you merging?

Over the last decade, our two companies have set the pace of innovation in the UK’s company intelligence space and in recent years, have become major players in the rapidly evolving B2B FinTech/RegTech market; Artesian solving many of the complex challenges impacting the frontlines of banks and insurers, and DueDil helping FSI businesses meet the regulatory and compliance needs of the middle and back office.

Combining the best of both platforms - DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) and Premium APIs, and Artesian’s powerful web application and advanced rules engine - delivers an easy to deploy solution for banks, insurers and FinTechs to engage, onboard and grow the right business customers for life.

Ultimately, customers of both DueDil and Artesian will be able to do better business, faster, by using market-leading data and insights on businesses, combined with flexible solutions to automate B2B customer engagement, onboarding and in-life monitoring.

What do customers think about the merger?

Customers of both Artesian and DueDil have been extremely supportive, and are excited about the additional capabilities that will result from the combination of the products.

Will you continue investing in both products?

We are currently working on plans to integrate our products to ultimately deliver a broader and richer set of capabilities which benefit all of our customers. Both product sets have complementary capabilities that will allow UK & Irish financial services, insurance and FinTech companies to find the right customers, onboard them faster and keep them for life.

What does it mean for non-FS customers?

The merger of Artesian and DueDil creates a unique RegTech business, capable of solving some of the most complex challenges throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Many of these challenges are also faced by our non-FSI customers who will likely see enhancements in their functionality as we consolidate our products into a new suite of solutions.

What are the plans for International expansion?

Artesian and DueDil are well established in the UK&I with customers also in America and Europe. We will continue investing in these regions as we scale.

Who are on the new leadership team?

The new company will be headed by Andrew Yates as CEO with individuals from both Artesian and DueDil in the wider leadership team, who are already working together smoothly for the benefit of the combined base of more than 600 customers and 15,000 end users.

What strategic partnerships will be created/continued?

This combination brings exciting new capabilities to all existing partners, and creates opportunities to work with new partners. The business is currently in discussions with a variety of new partners across the banking, insurance and systems integration verticals.

What investors are behind the go-forward org?

The main investors behind the new combined business are Octopus Investments, Notion Capital, Augmentum Capital and Volution Ventures/VentureFounders

Will you have a new brand name?

We are currently working on a brand identity that reflects the values of our combined team and product

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